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How does cloud base HRIS help my business?

How does cloud base HRIS help my business?

Take a moment and reflect on the size of your business. Thought about it?

We reckon:

Whether you have a small, medium or large-sized business, the truth is, we always want to become more efficient. Whether it’s in sales, employee wellbeing, organization, human resources, and much more.

Efficiency = Time saved

No matter what size our business is, there’s one way we can assure you your efficiency can be increased, resulting in greater time on your hands.

That is focusing on the Human Resources section of your workplace. Arguably, you can’t have a well-oiled business, unless you have an efficient team. Human Resources focus on the management and development of employees within a company. We are sure you’ll agree that fundamental HR roles involve: recruiting, managing payroll, employee benefits, training, development, holiday calculation, and more.

This role isn’t an easy one, as there are so many hats to be worn. It can take time in a business to accrue and utilize these skills to the fullest. That’s without considering how to increase productivity.

Nowadays, if you’re a new business or one that’s been around for a while, there are multiple apps or software available to assist your HR duties. While no doubt, apps can help your company, the best type of apps to help HR are a Cloud HRIS system.

What is a Cloud HRIS System?

First of all, HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. HRIS is online software that pools all of your HR duties into one place. Instead of jumping to different apps or software, you can use one interface to fulfil many HR duties.

It’s pretty straight forward to use, saves you time, and has multiple benefits.

What are the benefits of using a Cloud HRIS System?


You don’t need to dig through paper trails or switch between different apps, all of you HR roles you can find. An essential feature for your business, as over time your business grows, the data grows along its side, which includes salaries, benefits, taxes, holidays, sickness, healthcare costs, and more. Similarly, employees can quickly click between previous payslips, input holiday requests, or communicate through the system. You are saving precious time from them having to pluck up the courage to request from you verbally.

If you have an organized system in place and update employee information as you go, your risks of mistakes are minimal to a paper trail. Therefore you have less chance of your employees taking you to court and you risking out loosing on your funds. Similarly, if any errors are made on the system, you can easily view which member of your team made them and follow up accordingly.

Time Efficient

All you need is an internet connection and can access it anywhere from any time. You can get instant support if there’s a problem. We all know it can be a burden in the workplace, especially if you have to take time to seek help from a tech-savvy or more adept person. Similarly, because you are using multiple functions at once, it takes fewer people to do the job, focusing on more time elsewhere in your business.

Data Security

All of your data is stored on a cloud. Which is a standard software used by big corporations like Google, Netflix, Apple, and many others. By using a cloud, it’s harder to hack. Cloud-based software uses a lot of encryption, only allowing the service user to retrieve their data. Likewise, if you lose any device with access to the data, you can remove it from that device through the control of the cloud.

Affordable for your business

Cloud-based HRIS often functions as a software as a service. Which means you pay per month to the company an affordable fee to use their software. You can cancel it at any time as well. As it’s not installed onto your hard-drive and, little hands-on is needed. There are no maintenance costs as it’s all carried out by the software provider.

Higher Quality Customer Service

You are paying a monthly subscription fee, the company will do everything to keep you as a client. They want to maintain your business, instead of just paying a one time fee and neglecting your interests.

Easy Collaboration

Using a cloud-based service, you can give clients, employees, or anyone else credentials, and you can share documents via the cloud.

Increased Staff Morale

The staff doesn’t have to spend time thinking about asking for holiday permissions. They can submit the software’s information request. Similarly, they don’t have to ask for proof of income as they can print off and use.

We feel cloud base HRIS systems are useful for many types of business. In particular, one is a start-up as we know in the early days, you can find you and your team performing multiple roles. Having a Cloud base HRIS system takes a bit of ease from your position. Likewise, if your a medium-large sized business allows for more effortless organization and management within your company.