हाम्रो ज्ञान तथा सिकाइहरू बाँडफाड गर्ने साधारण प्रकृतिको ब्लग।

HRIS/HRM Software for NGO/INGO

HRIS/HRM Software for NGO/INGO

Non-Governmental and International Non-Governmental Organisations have contributed a massive success and help towards social change. Just like any privatized company, these organizations tend to face the same typical challenges, if not more.

Currently, according to Tech Report there are an estimated 10 million non-governmental organizations in the world. Likewise, all of us at DanfeBooks guess it’s a lot more than that. There are many NGO/INGO’s out there from small to large, with staff operating from multiple offices and some from their own homes.

Due to these organizations’ global scale, it’s quite hard to manage and track all of the employees successfully. Most of the time, they have more pressing issues to deal with than HR and have a limited budget to work with, to monitor or record staff information. However, one way of keeping track and control of teams scattered all over the place, on an affordable level, is using HRIS/HRM Software.

What are the best HRIS/HRM Sofwares for NGO/INGO’s?

1. Natural HR

Natural HR is focused on Non-profits and has many support options available and a free demo. They claim hundreds of customers across the globe use them and are well trusted. Its main features are core HR database, self-service, HR Reporting, workflows, time & attendance, training, performance management, goal setting, recruitment, document managing, employee engagement, expenses, mileage, rota building, absence management, GDRP compliance, payroll, customer feedback portal, built-in analytics and much more.

2. BOB

BOB has offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv. It focuses on digital admin through automation, talent management, performance reviews, sick days, holidays, payroll, attendance monitoring via slack integration and much more. BOB integrates with Onelogin, Lever, Slack, Zapier, Workable, Gsuite and much more. They also offer a free demo to try today!

3. Bamboo HR

Founded in 2008, BambooHR is an American technology company that serves as a Software as a Service. It has a prime focus on hiring, onboarding, compensation, and office culture. They have over 17,000 organizations around the world using this software. A lot of their clients claim it frees up their time to perform other HR duties. They focus on small-medium sized businesses and have won many awards doing so.

4. Partner HR

Partner HR has been specifically created for non-profit organizations. They specifically consider their prices so it can be attractive and affordable for non-profits. They pride themselves on easy to use navigation, easy to find document storage, reminder scheduling, multiple access and essential ways to track access. They work with Latin Mission America, Upper island counselling, The Open Door and Youth Unlimited. It allows for the streamline of HR management with onboarding, time off, and information stored in one place.

5. Cute HR

Cute HR focus on HR software, management, team management, employee monitoring and time tracking of work hours. They also highlight that they have an employee portal built-in with the following: self onboarding, manager control, GPS tracking, time-off management, invoicing, payroll management, biometrics, reports, analytics and much more.

6. Zoho

An HRIS software that allows HR processes to be simplified. Zoho and their system People work with the following company Medlife, Spicejet, Lennox, GEP, Fetchr, Bayt, Cabot, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi and many more. They focus on recruitment, expenses, projects, analytics, employee reviews, attendance, hiring, answering employee questions, accelerated HR tasks and much more.

7. Zenefits

Zenefits is a company originating in San Fransico in the United States. Who focus on payroll, benefits, scheduling, timing, and general HR duties. Zenefits makes the process simple to use in one place and its attractive interface. Similarly, as the company grows, they have advanced features built in to deal with the larger requests. They also give a 2-week free trial as a demo.

8. Employee Connect

Employee Connect is a flexible and affordable HRIS/Software. They are based on the cloud and helps to align non-profits’ objectives and alignments. Organizations such as Murdochs Children’s Research Insitute, Conservation volunteers, Tenants Union of Victoria and many more use Employee Connect. They focus on core HR, performance, recruitment, training, safety, reporting and much more.

These are only 8 HRIS/HRM software suitable for NGO/INGO’s, there are a lot more out there. We suggest to definitely use it, as HRIS/HRM helps save time and efficiency. You do want to be on top of your NGO/INGO’s HR duties, right?