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What are the Benefits of Cloud HRIS/HRM software

What are the Benefits of Cloud HRIS/HRM software

When choosing software, many questions and decisions may come to your mind. Do I use desktop software, or do I use cloud-based software? Likewise, if you are not a tech-savvy person, these decisions can be a little daunting. Similarly, if you have a team of employees with different skill sets, it can also be hard to explain or show them which one is better, especially if you’re a business in Nepal who is still yet to make that transition from a paper trail to a digital one.

We must know why to digitize our work and abolish that outdated paper trail. If you are already familiar with different types of software, scroll down further for the benefits.

Why We Should use a Software

Whether you need a method for invoicing, billing, accounting, or like ours at DanfeBooks payroll, the software is something that enhances this process. By using computer software, you don’t need to fret about storage or organization. It’s built into your system and evolves alongside the technology. Likewise, as long as you have it downloaded onto your digital device, you don’t have to be able to access it at the office.

When you are looking for software for your business needs, especially within HR, we wholeheartedly believe Cloud HRIS software is the best. Why?

Benefits of Cloud-based Software

To use this software, you must have a device that is connected to the internet. Alongside the internet, you must have an excellent browser to use, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, to name a few. Nowadays, businesses around the world, such as Apple, Netflix, Instagram, and many others, use cloud-based software. Cloud-based software often functions from a remote server, where you access your data.

  • Little Memory- When using this software, not much memory is needed as it only runs off your browser. Nothing needs to be installed into your hard drive, as it’s all stored online.
  • Time Efficient- As long as you have your internet connection, you can access it online, even when on the go. You are saving you vast amounts of time from waiting to launch. Often in businesses, if you run into a problem with the software, you have to seek help from a tech-savvy or more adept person.

    Where you would have to pull them away for some time from undergoing their job role, using online software, you can reach out straight away to the provider, solving your problems very quickly. Likewise, you don’t need to worry about installing software updates; it’s all done within the browser, saving you from technical troubles. Cloud HRIS software often has multiple functions, all in one interface like DanfeBooks. Meaning you can calculate leaves, holidays, payroll, and other HR duties. You don’t have to spend extra time visiting different apps as it’s all there.

  • Easy Access to Information- As you only need a secure internet connection, you can access the software from anywhere in the world you like and at any time outside of your office hours. You don’t have to go through old files or log into your computer to retrieve HR information. Same with employees, they can access their salary sheet at any time for banking purposes.
  • Data Security- The biggest asset to cloud-based software is that it is better at securing and protecting your data. Softwares that use clouds like Google, AWS, Microsoft and many more are harder to hack. Cloud-based software uses a lot of encryption, only allowing the service user to retrieve their data. Likewise, if you lose any device with access to the data, you can remove it from that device through the control of the cloud.
  • Affordable- Because it’s not installed onto your hard-drive and little hands-on is needed, most online software functions as a service, charging a monthly or yearly subscription fee. There are no maintenance costs as it’s all carried out by the software provider. That way, you can pay in instalments instead of having to fund a lot of money to buy outright; if you’re a startup, you may not have to hand. If you don’t like the service or change your mind, you cancel and stop subscribing anytime, saving you money.
  • Automatic Data Backups- A lot of the time, online software carries out data backups every other day or weekly. Depending on your software provider, if you use this, you must check.
  • Higher Quality Customer Service- As you are paying a monthly subscription fee, the company is going to do everything to keep you as a client. They want to maintain your business, instead of just paying a one time fee and neglecting your interests.
  • Easy Collaboration- Using a cloud-based service, you can give clients, employees, or anyone else credentials, and you can share documents via the cloud.

Well, there you have it, why you should use a cloud-based HRIS software. Here at DanfeBooks, we always choose cloud-based software due to the protection and storage of data. To us, alongside our customers, security is everything, and that’s why we use cloud-based software for Danfebooks.