हाम्रो ज्ञान तथा सिकाइहरू बाँडफाड गर्ने साधारण प्रकृतिको ब्लग।

HRIS/HRM Software for Savings & Co-operatives

HRIS/HRM Software for Savings & Co-operatives

Co-operatives work well within the economy as many people unite to address and meet economic, social, and cultural needs. Co-operatives date back to our hunter-gatherer days, where tribes would allocate jobs within their community. Today co-operatives are large scale businesses with many sub businesses underneath them. Therefore these smaller sub businesses contribute to a large one, with lots of staff to monitor. Likewise, savings type companies such as building societies, banks, and many more.

Hence, why an HRIS/HRM Software would be best to use for HR departments in these sectors.

Here are the best HRIS/HRM Softwares for Savings & Co-operatives:


This is a company based in NewYork, London, and Tel AVIV with a focus on HRIS. The software focuses on core HR, such as digital ddmin, onboarding, workflows, benefits, and reports. Likewise, time management such as time off, attendance, and payroll. As well as talent management and culture. Hibob focuses on maximizing the employee experience, which is excellent for co-operatives as they like to put employees first.


This company is the leading HR provider for the U.K and Ireland. Zellis have good retention and relationship with their customers; 305 of them have been with them for the past 6 years. Similarly, 44 customers have been with them for the past 20 years. Its software focuses on payroll, compensation planning, people management, reporting & analytics, and talent management.

Simply Personnel

Simply Personnel’s HRIS software is managed by a team of not just developers but HR experts. Their experts have experience in various aspects of HR, such as pay, benefits, health, safety, and HR telephone. Within their HRIS software, they cover the storage of employee records, recruiting, time, attendance, timesheets, expenses, rota, and much more. They focus on small to large businesses.They have been operating this software for over 9 years with large amounts of experience.

Sage People

Sage has a cloud-based software, which is accessible from any location. They pride themselves on powerful automation and built-in analytics into their HRIS. The software can provide on demand reports and identify trends. Sage People deals with talent acquisition, people management, attendance and leave management, payroll, compensation, benefits, etc.

These are just a few out of many HRIS/HRM software for co-operatives. We can assure you, whatever you choose, HRIS will enhance your business.